The secret of our success


PUTZFRAUEN-RAPID is an independent subsidiary of POLY-RAPID AG, Zurich’s leading cleaning firm. POLY-RAPID has been adding to its experience and expertise for over 40 years, so we know everything there is to know about cleaning – from grandma’s ‘secret’ cleaning tips to the newest Meister Proper special-purpose products.



Pay us a visit! We will be delighted to show you around and explain how we run our business. You might be surprised at just how professional our structures are. PUTZFRAUEN-RAPID is not one of those here-today, gone-tomorrow businesses that hope to cash in on a trend.
PUTZFRAUEN-RAPID.CH is a rock-solid company that is proud of its long tradition.



We are a dynamic company. We test all the latest products and recommend them if they meet our standards. Our employees undergo regular training, our technical know-how is always up-to-date.



Our success depends on your satisfaction, which is why we actively request feedback from our customers. Whenever possible we will act on your suggestions. And if you should ever be less than satisfied we will immediately sort out the problem. Because your trust is our most important asset.



Our employees feel good about working for us. We treat them respectfully and fairly, they repay us (and our customers) with high work motivation. We know that only satisfied employees are good employees.