A bit of help or all-inclusive?

Perhaps all you need is a helping hand now and then. But maybe you need a regular household gem, someone who keeps everything running smoothly. It’s your choice – you decide exactly what you want your cleaning professional to do!


Once we know what you need and want we will find the perfect cleaning professional for you. We settle on the right cleaning programme for your needs, and then we introduce you to your personal cleaner. And you can get on with your day. And when you return home, everything is as it was…apart from the fact that your home is beautifully clean and tidy.


And the price for this service? Most tasks are already included in the basic package price: dusting, vacuum cleaning, damp mopping, cleaning bathrooms/showers/toilets, washing dishes, airing and changing the beds. Perhaps you have a lonely pet or a sensitive indoor plant? No problem: if you want, we will play with your hamster or talk to your coconut palm. True to the maxim “all inclusive”. Go here for all the details:  > We also offer