A great outsourcing option

One hour of our services costs 39 Swiss francs (excl. 8% VAT) if you order at least two hours per week. In other words, your personal cleaning professional will cost you from 78 Swiss francs per week, plus VAT.


If your cleaner regularly performs the same jobs – for example a standard cleaning programme and a bed linen change every two weeks – we can offer you a special flat rate. So you always know how much your cleaner will cost, and you pay the same amount every month. No surprises.


Needless to say, you can order additional services whenever you need them. Maybe your windows are not as clean as they should be, or your carpets would benefit from a thorough cleaning session. The additional services are itemised on your monthly invoice, in addition to the flat-rate price.


Please note that you don’t have to worry about insurances or other extra costs – we see to all those details.

For you, this means no extra costs, no extra work and no legal problems.