We will also clear up any questions you may have...

Is there anything you need to know? You will probably find the answers below, but if not, please ask us (> Contact)!


Will the cleaner bring along all the required cleaning materials?

No. As a rule, the cleaner will use the products and equipment you have at home. However, she can also buy the required products and store them in your home. Your cleaning professional knows all about the best cleaning agents and methods, and will, if necessary, recommend new products.


What happens if the cleaner breaks something?

Our cleaning professionals are insured and will report any damage to us. We will then contact you immediately and either replace the item or repair the damage. If you should ever detect damage that the cleaner failed to notice, please let us know without delay.


What happens if the cleaner should fall off a ladder and break an arm? Who is responsible?

Our cleaners have accident insurance. You have nothing to do and nothing to worry about. Of course we will organise a replacement cleaner for you. And our company will also send flowers to the unfortunate cleaner.


Do I have to be at home to let the cleaner in?

Once you have given your cleaner a key she will come and go at the arranged times. You will hardly know she was there, apart from the fact that your home is clean and fresh-smelling when you return.


I’m unhappy with my cleaner. Now what?

Please complete the > Complaints form or call us so we can remedy the problem or, if necessary, organise a different cleaner for you.


Is it also possible to hire your employees for special jobs, to clear out a flat, for example, or to look after children or cater for a party?

Our cleaners are specialists in their field, i.e. home cleaning. However, they will often gladly take on an additional assignment – just ask us, and we will quote you a price for the extra service. > Contact


Do you also employ male cleaners?

At this point in time we only have women working for us. But we would be delighted to receive your  > Application.


I am an allergy sufferer and cannot use the customary “aggressive” cleaning agents. Is your company also familiar with alternative cleaning methods?

Yes, we know all about all kinds of cleaning agents. Please contact us for information on alternative cleaning methods.